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February 6, 2013

January Gone

– Where did January go? I’m actually not too sad to see it go, because I am still waiting on graduate school admission results. Those will come at the end of February or beginning of March, so I hope February is a short month. I mean, February is already short because of the number of days, but I hope it feels short as well.

– It was hard to get back in the "swing of things" after coming back from Italy. I do seem to have a hard time with transitions. It was cold, there was snow everywhere, my house was messy, and I had a weird lingering jet lag that caused me to not get sleepy until after midnight and then struggle to wake up in the morning. I usually *always* wake up before my alarm.

– I was back to normal after a couple weeks and started back up with yoga with my mom on Wednesday and Friday mornings at 6am. It’s been really good for me emotionally and physically. She has been teaching me via Skype and it has been wonderful. I finally feel like I am making some progress and getting pretty good at a few things. I hope I can make this a regular thing for me. I just have to remember to go to bed early the night before.

– I went skiing in Owani with my co-workers again this year for our annual “ski school” that my office puts on for district teachers.


It is for teachers to learn how to ski, the techniques of skiing, and how to teach skiing to kids (I think). It wasn’t as fun as last year because I was miserably cold and skied alone for a bunch of the time.


The “Holizon”


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January 5, 2012

Skiing: Cold But Happy

The last time I went skiing was in January 2009 with my dad when my parents were still living in Minnesota. I have to say that the weather was not that great. It was Minnesota in January, which means cold. Sunny, but cold. This was at Afton Alps in Hastings, Minnesota. It wasn’t far from where we lived in Eagan (a suburb of St. Paul). We hadn’t gotten that much snow, so the slopes were icy and there was not much powder to be seen at all. I think they had actually resorted to making snow with the snow machines. I seem to remember icicle-hands and feet, plus my frozen butt on the lift.

Nevertheless, my dad and I had a great time together. I have many many many fond memories of skiing with him in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and even New Zealand. My dad hates being cold (hates it as much as I do), but he has always been a skier. Watching him ski is amazing because he is just so darn good at it! My parents took me to Steamboat Springs in Colorado when I was proficient enough at walking and put me in ski school. It is a great skill to have, especially when you are around areas where there are a lot of winter sports.


DSC00070(2009) Too cold to smile, but we’ll do it anyway!



My dad skiing in the alps in 1986 (before I was born!)


And now we are off to Owani, where I went skiing!

…Owani again? It seems like I am spending quite a bit of time there! I love Hirosaki first and foremost, but Owani is quickly becoming my second-favorite little town.


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