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August 15, 2011

Summer of Festivals

Let’s festival! I know it’s summer here because 1. it is hot and 2. festivals (matsuri |祭り|まつり)  everywhere. In Japan in July and August, there are usually many festivals going on.  Some of the summer festivals feature fireworks, music, dancing, flowers, stars, warriors, and/or…floats! I kid you not, I was awoken at 7am Sunday morning by the sound of beating taiko drums and children pulling a float while shouting “Ya-ya-do~!” over and over…and over…

I went to my first summer festival when I stayed with my host family in 2005. We went to a Tanabata matsuri near Ueno (Tokyo), because my host sister and brother’s dance team was participating in the parade. Their type of dancing was (and still is) Awa-odori, a type of dance that comes from Tokushima… where two of my close friends now live, incidentally. I recently stumbled upon pictures from my first festival, so I figured I might share a few I really liked.
DSC02689     DSC02712     DSC02678

Now… About Neputa!

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