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June 12, 2013

Japanese Car Names: The Sequel

It’s been over a year since my last post about Japanese car names.

I’d say it’s about time for another post!

Lately I’ve been noticing a lot of cars with Spanish-sounding names. Is this a trend in Japan, I wonder? Or a worldwide trend? It made me think. Off the top of my head, I can think of the Kia Rio, the Nissan Maxima, and the Chevy El Camino in the states. You’ll see what I found in Japan.

Another thing I wanted to mention… In Japan, they definitely market certain cars to women. See here:


But what makes a car a “feminine” car? So-called feminine colors like pink and light blue? Room for kids and shopping bags in the back? A storage box under the seat for baby/kid toys and food? The way they market this car is like… You will become a stylish super-mom if you buy it. If I was a man and saw this advertisement, I would definitely not feel like this car was being marketed to me.

I have to wonder how many guys have bought themselves a pink Honda Life Diva?


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April 13, 2012

Coats and Bikes on Friday

I’m writing just because I feel like writing. This post doesn’t have a point or focus or anything. It’ll help me get out of my head for a while, at least.

It’s a pretty nice day today. I hear that it is going to rain later, but for now it is partly cloudy with some sun. It’s warm enough for me to go out in just my Columbia sweater. I realized yesterday that I wore my off-white REI all-weather jacket pretty much every day this fall and winter. It was indispensable in my trudges to work in the snow. And blizzards. My parents bought that coat for me in 2007 before I headed off for a year at Waseda because I needed a raincoat for the rainy season. (It’s strange to think that I didn’t buy a raincoat for famously rainy PORTLAND, OREGON, but I bought one for Tokyo…) It really is a rain jacket, but I just wear tons of layers underneath and… presto, winter coat!

Thank you to my parents for this coat. I will continue to wear it until it falls apart. Rainy Season 2012, here we come!

Well, yesterday as I was biking to work, I saw Mt. Iwaki clearly. It was a lot clearer than it has been in a while and the sun was out. I am so lucky to live at the base of such an awesome mountain.

Speaking of biking… The snow is gone and it is SAFE to ride my bike again.

Well. It is safe now, but it wasn’t last week.

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