Trying New Things

I’m now a firm believer that trying new things should be part of your yearly, monthly, weekly, or even daily routine. You determine the frequency. Less adventurous people might try something new once a year. Thrill-seekers might find themselves doing new things every day. Trying new things is a way to get used to uncertainty. Trying new things is a way to get out of your comfort zone. Trying something new might even lead to finding "that thing" that makes you happier than anything else.

I think I fall into the "try new things every month" category. It’s sometimes more often than that, but usually not less.

I realized that I don’t want to be a static person. Sure, I have my routines and I thrive on them. I find comfort in getting up and going to bed at the same times every day. I enjoy planning my week ahead of time. But sometimes when I am derailed from my routine or planned outcome, I find myself distressed. And I don’t like that. I want to be able to go with the flow, and re-route smoothly and change gears without any stressing or agonizing.

In my efforts to become a dynamic person, here is what I’ve been up to…

– Improv Theatre. No, I haven’t been acting or performing! That would be a shocker, wouldn’t it? Lately I’ve been going to some improv shows around town and I found that I really like improv comedy as a spectator! And I was on stage once…. My co-worker was performing and needed a volunteer as a participant in her improv show blind dating game. We played a game of "The Bachelor" where myself and two other ladies were seated on one side of the theatre, with one man on the other side of the theatre. We were separated by a screen. The guy asked us all questions and chose a girl to go on a date with based on the responses. I wasn’t the chosen bachelorette, but I still had a good time.

– Cycling. I bought a road bike at the tail end of November. My friend Annette introduced me to all the local triathlon stores around town, and I ended up buying a used Cervelo R3. I just love it. Since then I’ve been able to go on group rides with different meetup groups. I think I found my favorite group in South Austin, since I’ve cycled with them the most. The people are just so nice, friendly, and helpful. It’s the perfect environment for newbies like me who don’t like riding alone.  It’s great getting out there and meeting people who love to be active like me! I can’t wait to cycle in the spring and summer when the weather is better, because December, January and February are cold!

Testing it out in the parking lot and picking it up from the shop!


– Triathlon. Along with the bike came an interest in Triathlon. I was able to do the swim leg of an Ironman 70.3 in October 2014… After being in the atmosphere of all those multi-sport athletes, I thought to myself: "I can do this." I’m nowhere near ready to do an Ironman solo (and I don’t think my goal is to do one either), but I am signed up and committed for my first Sprint distance triathlon in May on Memorial Day. I still have some work to do to get ready for it (mostly running), but I’m excited for the challenge.

Here are pictures from the Ironman relay where I just did the swim:


– Online Dating. Went way out of my comfort zone with this one, and I was not successful in finding a long-term relationship. I went on a bunch of dates with some guys who I had messaged, but they all fizzled out after date two or three. It was incredibly time-consuming and I think I actually ended up becoming more stressed as a result. I ended up deleting my profile several months ago and haven’t thought about it since. But let’s just say that I learned how to make small talk really well.

– Moving. Our old apartment complex offered us a pretty good rate to stay there for another year. We debated. But we were ready to try something new. I did a lot of research on locations and places around town until we found a very new complex very near the University of Texas. Moving is never a pleasant experience, but I learned a lot during it. I hired movers this time and I am never not moving without help again. It was great to have professionals do the heavy lifting, especially since Sam and I have acquired furniture since our last move. It’s hard to believe that just a year and a half ago we were sharing a 650 square foot one-bedroom apartment, waiting on me to get a job so we could afford to move into a two-bedroom. We’re so happy with our new place and so happy we went through the trouble of moving. And I have my own bedroom furniture for the first time in my adult life!



And I have bunny pillows. Smile


Kitchen, but now instead of the bike-leaning-against-the wall, we have…

A double-decker bike rack (that’s Sam’s bike on top)

– Swim Meets. I went to my first swim meet as a Masters swimmer in March 2014. It was REALLY fun. I hadn’t competed in over 6 years, but I found that I still really enjoyed racing: getting up on the blocks and swimming fast. This season I am competing in the South Texas Zones meet and the United States Masters Swimming (USMS) Nationals. I’m super-stoked to be competing on a national level with people my age! I am hoping I will be placed in some fun relays as well.
A picture from last year:


– Metal Braces and Jaw Surgery. I began my Invisalign treatment in 2012, while still in Japan. In 2014, I visited an oral surgeon and got my surgery approved by my insurance. My wire braces were put on May 2014. Overall… the metal braces were fine. There were times where I felt like I couldn’t eat anything solid, especially after an adjustment. Oh my teeth ached! But it was all in preparation for the surgery, so I grinned and bore it.

Jaw surgery in July 2014 was my first experience with major surgery and everything went as smoothly as it could have. My recovery was not without its pains, but I recovered very quickly. I’m going to do a separate post about my teeth and jaw, but after I’m all done with braces so you can see the final product!

But here is a sneak peak of the progression so far…



– Coffee. I have never been a fan of coffee. I always thought it tasted burnt and unappealing. And tea has a much more delicate, sophisticated taste. But regardless, there is a large population of the world that appreciates coffee (and there is a large percentage of the world who doesn’t). I decided to start  giving coffee a try, in different forms, in case tea isn’t an option!


I am now able to drink a straight latte (two espresso shots, a lot of coconut milk) without any sweetener. I can’t say I like it more than tea, but I can drink it! It’s too early to tell whether I will be a regular coffee drinker, but at least I can drink it now without making an “ew” face. 

And that’s all for now!

What’s something new you’ve tried recently?


5 Comments to “Trying New Things”

  1. I like your post! Cervelo!!! :D

  2. It’s great to see all the new things you’ve been trying out. I’m excited to see you’re still blogging, even though it sounds like you’ve been pretty busy!

  3. Enjoyed reading about all of your doings. I’m trying out a whole new living arrangement. Will let you know how it goes! xxx

  4. Really enjoyed this post Stacy. Good on ‘ya for being committed to trying new things (that’s one of the things that make you such an interesting human!) Good advice for all of us. xoxoxo

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