The Most Colorful Birthday of All


Earlier this fall my friend Noelle mentioned to us that she wanted to get a bunch of her friends together and do a 5k for her birthday. I of course said YES! As many of you know, I’ve done two 10ks in Japan. Those were hard. A 5k would be a snap and a lot of fun to do with a group.

The best part about this 5k was that it was themed! I’ve always wanted to do a themed fitness event. This one was called "Color Me Rad". Color Me Rad is a race where you have color thrown at or sprayed at you while you run. The entire point of the race is to begin wearing white and end a rainbow-y mess.


We signed up for the Austin race happening on November 9th. After work on the 8th I went to the race location to pick up t-shirts and other gear that we got with our registration. I was also drawn towards a certain pink tutu… I couldn’t resist. I’d never ran a race in a tutu before, but it just sounded like fun.

On the day of the race, Noelle and her friend Hannah picked Sam and I up and we drove to the Travis County Expo Center. It was a big place where they had horse shows and such. I believe a dog show was going on at the same time.


We arrived just in time for the last wave at 10:40am. Sam walked with her friends Deb and Cat who were there too! Noelle, Hannah, and I started jogging at the same time, but I decided to jet off and see how fast I could do the 5k.

Pre-race, we were very clean.


Hannah and I


Noelle and Hannah

As we ran along, we passed several color stations where race volunteers splattered us with color. The green was liquid-based, the rest of the colors were colored corn starch.

Orange was first. I loved how it looked with my pink tutu.

121556-248-027h (1)


I actually don’t remember the order of the rest of the colors (because I was running and concentrating on running?)… But I remember that orange was first and pink was last. 121556-148-001h

I ended up walking for a minute or two during the race, but I did it in 25 minutes. Not bad for not running at all since June!

Here’s me at the finish, an explosion of pink behind me:



You can see Hannah and Noelle there in the foreground.


Three finishers covered in color


We did it!

There were tons of people around the finish area. Larabar was giving out free samples of their nutrition bars and there was a stage with a DJ and everything.

It was kind of like a club of sorts, with people dancing.


And then every so often they would have a COLOR COUNTDOWN where everyone threw their color packs into the air…causing a color explosion!



Let me just say that after a couple of those, I had colored starch/chalk everywhere. In my mouth, ears, watch, hair, even underneath my clothes.

And there were more photo opportunities.



After we were done hanging out and photo-ing, Noelle, Hannah, Sam and I headed to the awesome El Arroyo for lunch. It’s my favorite tex-mex restaurant.

A few people stared at us and our server asked us what we were up to. She guessed it was a marathon, but we told her it was Color Me Rad.

I washed my hands, but the green was still there. More soap and scrubbing needed, obviously!


Ready for chips and salsa! And veggie fajitas!


We had a great lunch and it was quite delicious.

After that, we went to have showers and let me just say that the showers were also very very colorful. We got clean, so we could all meet up with even more friends to see Thor 2 in celebration of Sam’s birthday! I think we were all in the mood to sit down and relax in a movie theatre for a couple hours.

In closing, I’ll just say that I will be doing this race again for sure! It was a blast and a great idea for a birthday shindig. I hope I will get to do other theme races in Austin too.

We will meet again, rainbowy arches! And happy birthday to my lovely friends!



3 Comments to “The Most Colorful Birthday of All”

  1. I think youhave to be young to do something like that.Grteat to see though.They do something called Hoole{sp}[n India where they throw red dye at you’Our guide took us down an alley to avoid it.That itself was an experience.What a life you kids lead!

  2. How FUNNNNN! Why, is that a sock bun I see on your head???

  3. I’ve never done a color run before but you make it look like a lot of fun! Those are some great photos!

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