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May 14, 2012

About Today


Today was a mixed day. I was happy, frustrated, relieved, proud, stressed, anxious… and a bunch of others. The whole gamut.

I woke up with the sun at 4am, feeling pretty energetic. I probably owed that to the 8 hours of sleep I got Saturday night. I did random stuff, had breakfast, called my mom, got ready for work, made my lunch… Before I knew it, it was time to go to work.

My train to go to my school visit wasn’t until 10am, but I had to go into the office. They don’t let me just chill at home, so I went in before my school visit for a while, from about 8:15-9:20am. A little over an hour. My friends’ schools don’t require them to show their faces before or after their school visits, but my office is a little strict. I can ride my bike there now, so it isn’t that big of a deal to ride up to the office and then back to the station (my home is right near the station). It was, however, a bigger inconvenience when I had to trudge in the snow.

I felt a little overwhelmed returning to my busy office. I said my “Good Morning!” greeting as I walked in and no sooner did I set my backpack down did my supervisor turn to talk to me. I hadn’t even sat down! He gave me my new teaching schedule for the next year (until December). I think the total school visits came out to 88. Then he had to talk to me about the abolishment of the Japan Alien Registration System and how he was going to take care of my new resident card for me. And then he asked me to write my term goals (to be reviewed in June). All employees in my office are required to do a job evaluation/goal sheet that is reviewed with the big boss later on in the year. I think this is pretty normal for most jobs. My office takes it very seriously.

At around 9:20am I packed up my things and biked back to the train station. I got there early, so I chatted with friends on my phone for a while. Thank goodness for instant messaging apps. They make me feel like I have my friends in my pocket wherever I go.

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