The Snow Corridor




Saturday April 14th was pretty much the most perfect day. The sun was shining, the delicious spring wind was blowing, and the threat of precipitation (rain OR snow) was nonexistent. Kyohei and I had planned to drive up to the mountain that day, so I felt like we were pretty darn lucky.

We had a late lunch at -Waraku- (where I forgot to take a picture of my lovely meal) and started driving around 2:30pm, I believe. We listened to Jimmy Eat World (among other things) along the way… “Bleed American” is one of my favorite albums ever. So we drove for a while to get up there. It took longer than one hour, but not more than two.

So what is the Snow Corridor of Aomori? Well, now that I’ve seen it… I think this thing is definitely a natural wonder. A man-made natural wonder.

National Route 103, also called the “Hakkoda-Towada Gold Line”, is closed during the winter months, but re-opens on April 1st every year. Apparently they plow this two-way road in such a way that when it is open, it feels like you are driving in between two huge walls of snow. They say that these walls can reach up to 9 meters/30 feet in height. They also open this road for walkers (no cars) for just two days every season. I think it might be kinda neat to walk along this road, but driving a car was super fun.


When we got to the infamous road, I began to take a video. The video is a little long, but it was so amazing that I didn’t want to stop filming!


So we marveled and drove along for a while, then looped back. There were a couple places where you could stop and climb up to the top of the snow, so we stopped there to take pictures. Kyohei just got a new camera, so his pictures are infinitely better than mine.

And so, here is the adventure… in pictures! Fire up your internets!















The End!


4 Comments to “The Snow Corridor”

  1. Coulda sworn I was looking at one of the snow courses from Mariokart 64 :P

  2. Very cool and what a perfect day for it! The foliage sticking out along the way reminded me of riding in a bus through the Swiss and Austrian Alps on a HS ski trip – the roads had been cut through the snow where avalanches had taken place and instead of foliage, there were tree trunks visible in the walls of snow. Memorable!

  3. Stacy I feel like I have just seen a travelog..It looks like it wasn’t very cold
    with only a jacket on.In all our sking days we never saw that much

  4. Still in Japan? That’s awesome. What are you up to?

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