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February 28, 2012

Pimp My Ride, Office-Style

For those of you who don’t know, “Pimp My Ride” is a show on MTV where people submit pictures and videos of their absolutely beaten, run-down, totally-failing-vehicle-inspection cars. Xzibit, a celebrity and rapper, takes their cars to this awesome auto shop where they give the car a complete makeover. A new paint job, new rims, speakers, seats, engine, audio system, chocolate fountain…

But anyways, I was looking at my surroundings and thinking, if Xzibit were to come to my office and change a few things, what would he do?

I realize that my office has its way of doing things that are simply Japanese. Some things are done because it is just “the way things are done.” This is just a collection of my thoughts of what would happen if we could make a few changes. ^^


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February 20, 2012

Germ Monsters

So, it’s been a while. I’m sorry! I guess a logical excuse for this would be that I was sick. This is another “sick” post. You’re probably thinking… “What? Sick again? She was just sick in September!” This is so rare for me. It might be usual for me to catch a cold once a year, but not twice. And I know the reason for this abnormality.

The children. The germ monsters. They attacked me and won. I’ve been teaching at a lot of elementary schools lately and I can think back to the exact day that I was infected.

It was Thursday, February 2nd. I was teaching at one of the elementary schools that I visit weekly (as opposed to others that I visit monthly). I had two classes of 5th graders and one class of 1st graders. It was the 1st graders that did it. Before my class in the teacher’s room, the other teachers warned me about this particular class. They told me that they were the rowdiest, most ill-behaved class in the entire school. A class of little monkeys. Oh boy.

When I arrived in the classroom, they all stared at me wide-eyed as young children often do when they first see a very tall foreign girl standing in their classroom. The poor homeroom teacher had been sick and lost her voice trying to get them to sit down and be quiet, so she was all but useless. Although, to her credit, she did try to get the children to be quiet a few times with her raspy whisper. I was lucky that another teacher’s assistant was with me to help lead the class. They truly were a rambunctious group. Note to self: Never use the word “Pokemon” or “DS” with young, hyper students.

At the end of my lesson, they all shook hands with me and introduced themselves to me. Germs. I washed my hands before lunch, of course. I was supposed to eat lunch with them, so I sat at a desk in their classroom and ate. Germs. They finished and I was still eating, so they swarmed around me to get a glimpse of what I was eating. Germs. They all wanted to show me their chopsticks, toothbrushes, water cups, etc. They tugged at my clothes and talked really fast. I couldn’t hear them properly, so I had to bend down to their level. Germs! And then I played jump-rope with all of them in the hallway. Germs! I definitely did not wash my hands enough that day.

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