Grip Strength Contest

A few weeks ago, I was just sitting at my desk and enjoying my lunch when this lady came in. Sometimes we have solicitors come in and try to sell us stuff or inform us about stuff during the lunch hour (12pm-1pm). Not too often, but it has happened a couple times since I have been here. Maybe they have official permission from the government to do that. For the first lady, I apologized, pretending that I couldn’t speak very good Japanese. I told her I didn’t really understand. Most of my co-workers told her they were “busy” or said something to the effect of “Oh, I was just leaving…” (And then went to the bathroom for a couple minutes until she was gone again.)

This time was a little different. I noticed that my co-workers were actually talking to her, so I talked to her too when she came around to me. She showed me this little device that you had to grip with one hand and squeeze as hard as you can. It turned out that the entire Hirosaki joint government office building was having a grip strength contest.

Not sure how quite to translate this…

Grip (Strength) Pride?

When you squeezed the device, it measured how strong your grip was in kilograms. You did this for your left and your right hand and whichever was the highest was entered in the contest.


I bet I have lost a lot of muscle since leaving Austin because I have not been weight training like I used to. So there’s that. Either way, my right was 34.8 kg (76 lb) and my left was 33.5 kg (74 lb).

How did I measure up against everyone else in the joint government office building?

Well, time passed… And the lady returned on Thursday with the results in cute little Snoopy folders for all of us!

I placed second in the female category! One of my female co-workers got third and our male co-worker got first place in the men’s division!


You can see my name, ステイシー under the LADY category. It’s funny, because everyone else is listed under their last names. So the “STACY” looks quite glaringly foreign.

But we won! We have the strongest office in the whole government building! Boo ya!

My prize happened to be a sort of cleaning set with some wet wipes for the kitchen, some orange liquid cleaning soap, and a dusting mitt… Interesting.


2 Comments to “Grip Strength Contest”

  1. You go girl! Nice to know how strong you really are! Keep up with push ups for chataranga dandasana and that will keep your arms strong. Nice post!

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