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June 27, 2011

Go Southwest, Young Daughter

Southwest Tail

Ah, Southwest Airlines… I have heard many good things about your excellent customer service and hassle-light travel. But ever since I’ve been traveling by myself, I have not had the opportunity to fly with you. I’m sure my family must have flown Southwest at some point, but I can’t remember the experience exactly. Too young to remember those details.

When I booked the flight back in… April, I believe… I was having some issues with the website and prices that just kept switching, so I called them up at something like 11:30pm to ask about the prices. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the lowest price I had seen earlier that day, but the wonderful booking agent was so nice to me over the phone that it made buying the ticket virtually painless. (Well, I did feel some pains in my bank account later.) I usually have some anxiety and indecision when buying plane tickets over the internet, so it was a relief to do it over the phone where I didn’t have to agonize over every detail. Plus, like I said, the agent was so darn nice even in the middle of the night!

On Wednesday, June 8th, my wonderful partner-in-crime sacrificed a few precious hours of sleep to drive me to the airport at 6am. She was pretty dead and I’m sure she didn’t appreciate my “pop-up-like-toast” morning demeanor. …It’s just how I am! Much to my surprise, the Austin airport was packed. The security lines were “out the door” and the K-EYE news team was also there. What the heck was going on? “Just summer travel,” I heard people say. That’s weird, because it reminded me of Chicago-O’Hare around Christmas time! Craziness. It was a good thing that I had arrived with an hour to spare, because after I got through security, I had enough time to go to the bathroom, fill up my water bottle, and speed-walk onto the plane. This was my first time using Southwest’s “Pick Your Own Seat” kind of thing. I sat next to a couple of French teenage girls who were perfectly bilingual. I asked, “Is this seat taken?” To which they answered, “No.” And then continued on with their perfectly-accented conversation. Their parents were sitting across the way from them and also spoke to them in French.

The first flight was uneventful. I sat there with the two teenagers… who pulled out their twin pink Nintendo DS’s and began to play games. I thought this was the perfect time to break out my metallic-rose-colored Nintendo DS and play some Pokemon Heart-Gold. The girl sitting next to me kept onĀ glancing over at my screen to see what I was playing, heheh. We flew over the Grand Canyon and stopped in Las Vegas, where I changed planes. There were slot machines in the airport!

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